Who We Are

Cerecin is a pharmaceutical company with almost 20 years of innovation and leadership in brain health.

We develop novel evidence-based medicines and therapeutics that aim to help millions of people. These solutions target conditions ranging from memory impairment to some of the most devastating neurological diseases.

Cerecin is a global company headquartered in Singapore and the USA, and our therapies are developed for persons around the world.

Our Partners

Drug development is an endurance sport

To succeed, individuals need to be experts at what they do, managing their time to maximize efficiency, constantly innovating and anticipating challenges. This takes years of experience and training; this is not something one masters overnight.

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Brain Health

The development of neurotherapeutics is the next frontier in biomedical science. Our understanding of the core molecular and cellular processes that contribute to brain development, plasticity, function, and aging is witnessing a revolution. This dramatic progress is leading to a paradigm change in the development of therapeutics for some of the most debilitating neurological conditions.

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