A new approach to AD: tackling deficient glucose metabolism

Tricaprilin: the induction of ketosis

Leveraging the physiological ketone system to provide fuel for the brain is a promising approach to addressing deficient glucose metabolism that is characteristic of numerous neurological conditions.

The Ketosis Strategy in Alzheimer's disease

Cerecin's investigational product, tricaprilin, is a highly purified proprietary, oral formulation of a medium chain triglyceride, which has been designed to induce ketosis and thereby improve mitochondrial metabolism.

An early Phase 2a clinical study was conducted at an academic site in the US. In this single-dose crossover design, an improvement in cognition was observed in patients who do not carry the APOE4 gene, 90 minutes after single dose administration. Furthermore, this improvement in cognition was shown to correlate with increased levels of ketones.1

Subsequently, a Phase 2b multi-center, double blind, placebo-controlled 90-day study was conducted in subjects with mild to moderate Alzheimer's disease in the US. In the prespecified APOE4 negative population, a statistically significant change vs placebo was seen. 2


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